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Twitter and the Doge

Plus: Art Gobblers makes a splash, and more from the week

Interview w/ Dave Nemetz, co-founder of Bleacher Report

Why the Bitcoin mining industry is struggling

Plus: More from the week including the Aptos flop, CBDCs growing, and more.

DeFi hacks galore 🧑‍💻

Plus: More from the week including Coinbase's big moves and some SEC probes

USDC gets new chains, Musk’s idea, and more from the week

The SEC moves in on Ethereum, Stripe enables the future of work, and more from the week

Plus: Check us out on!!

Why are prices falling after The Merge

Plus: what's next for ETH, some major partnerships in crypto, and legal trouble

A breakdown the White House's crypto energy report

Plus: Why Coinbase is funding a lawsuit against the US Treasury Department

The new market maker in town

Plus: prices continue to swing

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