Unlock revenue through payroll and benefits

With Rollfi, you can effortlessly expand your business + revenue through embedded payroll and benefits.

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Implementation Options

We offer a variety of options to exceed your expectations around go-to-market timing and user experience.

A market parity out-of-the-box payroll and benefits solution that can be rebranded to your business with ZERO developer resources

Time to Market


Embed Rollfi inside your existing platform for a seamless and user-friendly experience

Time to Market


Leverage our API integration to deliver a fully custom experience that is uniquely built for your business

Time to Market



Our robust API gives you industry-leading tools for a first-class developer experience. Save weeks of engineering time and deliver a great user experience while we handle the rest.

Develop, test, and deploy quickly

White glove help when you need it

Built for customization to your brand and processes

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Deliver a more complete experience

The plug-and-play embedded payroll + benefits platform you’ve been waiting for

Better communication between customer systems = happier teams

Same day payroll available

W2 and 1099s

Tax and withholding calculations



We can handle W2 and 1099 payroll across all 50 states

Tax Compliance

We manage federal, state and local government tax payments, documents, and file them on your behalf.

In House Benefits Advisors

We can handle all brokerage responsibilities. Offer health, vision, dental, life insurance plans directly through Rollfi's brokerage network.


We serve a variety of customers who can benefit from a centralized payroll and benefits experience.

Vertical SaaS and Fintech

Broaden your offering and customer base through more features and capabilities, quickly


Become a more integrated partner in every step of the customer’s journey and keep deposits in your ecosystem longer


Remove payroll setup complexity and help customers manage and maximize their finances

Large Employers & Staffing Companies

Become an all-in-one system and brand  that seamlessly connects all pieces in a candidate’s journey

Time and Team Management Software

Integrate and reduce errors tracking errors to drive growth and efficiency


Integrate payroll and benefits natively into your marketplace to provide for a better supply and demand experience for your users

An average fintech customer benefits from...

Based on recent surveys*


Profit potential with payroll + PEO upsell


Gross margin increase with payroll + PEO upsell


Customer lifetime value


5-star reviews

Payroll + Benefits Unlocks Growth

The easiest way to unlock additional revenue from your existing customers